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Home Health Care in Hoover AL, is a vibrant suburb located just south of Birmingham, known for its family-friendly atmosphere, excellent schools, and recreational opportunities. With a strong community spirit, beautiful parks, and a thriving retail scene, Hoover offers a welcoming and convenient place to call home in the heart of Alabama.

Special Support Services


Personal Care


Companion Care


Senior Care


Home Care


Light Housekeeping


Home Organization


Coordinate Car Servicing


Home Repair Project Management


Home / Yard Care Supervision


Party Planning and Prep


Coordinate Pet Care


Closet Organization


Holiday Shopping


Holiday Decorating


Travel planning (including airport drop-off and pick-up)

Home Health Care in Hoover AL

Pathlight Seniorcare Services

Home Health Care in Hoover AL

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(205) 606-4988

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4000 Eagle Point Corporate Dr, Birmingham, AL 35242, United States

Local resources for Home Health Care in Hoover AL

Hoover Senior Centers

Hoover Senior Center
Address: 400 Municipal Dr, Hoover, AL 35216
Phone: (205) 739-6700

Hoover Hospitals

Medical West Freestanding Emergency Department
Address: 5300 Medford Dr, Hoover, AL 35244
Phone: (205) 820-8416

Hoover Urgent Cares & Clinics

Physicians Care Walk-in Clinic – Hoover North
Address: 1539 Montgomery Hwy Suite 101, Hoover, AL 35216
Phone: (659) 599-9513

Hoover Urgent Care
Address: 2503 John Hawkins Pkwy, Birmingham, AL 35244
Phone: (205) 987-6801

Southern Immediate Care – Hoover, AL
Address: 1575 Montgomery Hwy, Hoover, AL 35216
Phone: (205) 822-1150

Urgent Care for Children – Hoover
Address: 1001 Brocks Gap Pkwy Suite 115, Hoover, AL 35244
Phone: (205) 961-2834

American Family Care The Grove
Address: 5569 Grove Blvd Ste 121, Hoover, AL 35226
Phone: (205) 637-2600

Physicians Care Walk-in Clinic – Hoover South
Address: 1989 Montgomery Hwy, Hoover, AL 35244
Phone: (659) 599-9512

UAB Medicine Hoover Primary & Specialty Care
Address: 501 Emery Dr W, Hoover, AL 35244
Phone: (205) 989-7254

St Vincent’s Hoover Family Cr
Address: 1870 Chace Dr #160, Hoover, AL 35244
Phone: (205) 733-7110

Hoover Entertainment & Activities

New Life Art
Address: 3600 Lorna Ridge Dr, Hoover, AL 35216
Phone: (205) 979-2158

Library Theatre
Address: 200 Municipal Dr, Hoover, AL 35216
Phone: (205) 444-7888

AMC Patton Creek 15
Address: 4450 Creekside Ave, Birmingham, AL 35244
Phone: (205) 982-4778

Hoover Public Library
Address: 200 Municipal Dr, Hoover, AL 35216
Phone: (205) 444-7800

Jubilee Joe’s Cajun Seafood Restaurant
Address: 5190 Medford Dr Ste 114, Hoover, AL 35244
Phone: (205) 982-7797

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill
Address: 191 Main St, Hoover, AL 35244
Phone: (205) 733-2002

J. Alexander’s Restaurant
Address: 3320 Galleria Cir, Hoover, AL 35244
Phone: (205) 733-9995

Parks & Recreation-Athletic
Address: 600 Municipal Dr, Birmingham, AL 35216
Phone: (205) 444-7754

Riverchase Sports Park
Address: 2003 Parkway River Rd, Hoover, AL 35244

Wildflower Park
Address: 2000 Wild Flower Dr, Hoover, AL 35244
Phone: (205) 444-7500

Sertoma Park
Address: 3201-3299 Thornton Dr, Hoover, AL 35226
Phone: (205) 444-7703

Hoover Community & Recreation Centers

Hoover Recreation Center
Address: 600 Municipal Dr, Hoover, AL 35216
Phone: (205) 444-7703

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